Program of the stages

As in every edition, the program of events is the flagship of SHG Milano Music Show.

Concerts, workshops, interviews, demos. Two stages (main stage and acoustic stage) for two days in a row will feature top musicians, technicians, demonstrators and teachers of the national scene will alternate in a dense succession of excellent music and interesting, entertaining and educational contents.

SABATO 23/11: Main Stage (Sala Carroponte, Frigoriferi Milanesi)

  • 13:00 Caterina Crucitti, Giorgio Mastrocola, Andrea Cervetto powered by Yamaha
  • 14:00 Federico Paciotti powered by Reference Laboratory
  • 14:40 Cap Girls by
  • 15:00 Michael Schack powered by Roland
  • 15:50 Yuman by
  • 17:00 Massimo Varini by
  • 17:30 Luca Rossi  e Matteo Da Ros (Mellow Mood) powered by Face Distribution
  • 18:00 Stefano Silenzi by

SABATO 23/11: Acoustic Stage (Sala Galleria, Frigoriferi Milanesi)

  • 13:30 Dr Feelgood Acoustic Lounge
  • 15:30 Paolo Pilo e la canzone italiana che non ti aspetti
  • 1330-1405 Davide Facchini duo voce e chitarra finger-picking e flat picking, country e swing
  • 1410-1445 Transatlantic Folk duo country old time & irish
  • 1450-1530 Max De Bernardi chitarra blues finger-picking
  • 17:00 Eleonora Elettra e Luca Arduini powered by Liuteria Gaudenzi

DOMENICA 24/11: Main Stage (Sala Carroponte, Frigoriferi Milanesi)

  • 11:00 Tony de Gruttola powered by Dogal Strings
  • 11:30 Bruskers Guitar Duo powered by Aramini
  • 12:00 Gianluca Ferro powered by GuitarLab
  • 12:20 Simona Malandrino Trio by Accordo and Formula B
  • 13:00 I Gialli di Accordo, incontro con Alberto Biraghi
  • 13:30 Federico Malaman – The Major Scale
  • 14:00 Caterina Crucitti, Giorgio Mastrocola, Andrea Cervetto
  • 15:00 Luca Rossi e Riccardo Rizzo (Febbre da chitarra) powered by Face Distribution
  • 15:30 Kris Barras ft Gianni Rojatti by
  • 16:30 Max Casacci (Subsonica) by
  • 17:00 Dr Feelgood and the Black Billies

DOMENICA 24/11: Acoustic Stage (Sala Galleria, Frigoriferi Milanesi)

  • 11:30-12:00 Andrea Cesone  chitarra country flat e finger-picking
  • 12:00-12:30 Alessandro Ponti chitarra blues finger-picking
  • 14:00-14:30 Four On Six quartetto swing acustico manouche
  • 14:30-15:00 Quarry Brothers      duo bluegrass
  • 12:30 Dr Feelgood Acoustic Lounge
  • 13:00 Paolo Pilo e la canzone italiana che non ti aspetti
  • 15:00 Dr Feelgood Acoustic Lounge
  • 16:30 Diego Budicin powered by Mogar