The event

For 26 years, Music Show Milano (born as “SHG – Second Hand Guitars”) has been the only Italian exhibition for modern musical instruments on an international scale. The exhibition, the real heart of the event, covers a total area of around 12,000 square metres where large companies rub shoulders with top craftsmen, stores, collectors, instrument makers and publishers.

The original spirit of the market exhibition (still alive in the exchange area reserved to the visitors) mingles with new institutional spaces, giving visitors the chance to know the different faces of the world of music. Originally devoted to the world of the acoustic and electric guitar, the event has opened up over time to include keyboards, drums and percussion, hi-fi, home and studio recording, pro audio, lighting and DJs.

Music Show Milano is the only event that involves – both live and online – a major proportion of the world of musicians in Italian.  Thanks to the synergy with ACCORDO, it is preceded and followed by a wealth of timely information on the web and the social media, offering exhibitors a select target audience, who are seasoned, attentive and receptive, with a cost/contact ratio unmatched by other similar events in Europe.

More exhibition space, more exhibitors, more instruments and an even richer programme of events.  And in addition, an entire area of food and quality drinks to help visitors enjoy their day.