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Why you should exhibit at SHG Musicshow

SHG Musicshow is the only event that involves – both live and online – a major proportion of the world of musicians in Italian.  Thanks to the synergy with ACCORDO, it is preceded and followed by a wealth of timely information on the web and the social media, offering exhibitors a select target audience, who are seasoned, attentive and receptive, with a cost/contact ratio unmatched by other similar events in Europe.

Want to expose to SHG MusicShow?

Choose the exhibition solution best suited to your needs and budget. Click the button below to see our prices and our exhibition proposals.

Please send an email to info@accordoshow.it indicating also a telephone contact: we will contact you as soon as possible to clarify any doubts and meet your requirements.

Exhibitors at SHG Musicshow

Encounter a seasoned audience of musicians

Can show, let people try, and sell their products

Can network with other sector specialists

Exhibition Areas

SHG Musicshow offers exhibition solutions gauged for all needs, from big business to skilled craftsmen. Maps of the rooms and renderings will be online soon. Click the button to find out more and download the map of the exhibition areas.

Exhibition Fees

SHG Musicshow occupies both structures with display areas of different types that meet all your needs and budgets.

Click the button below to see our prices and our exhibition proposals.

Setup and unmounting

All logistical information relating to set-up and unmounting operations are available online, click the button below. For any further request feel free to write us at info@accordoshow.it

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Exhibitor Regulations

To guarantee the smooth running of the event, upon registering, each exhibitor formally undertakes to comply with the regulations available here.