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SHG Musicshow: what it is

Over 14,000 square metres, accessible with a single ticket (12 Euro, unchanged for 15 years), crammed with new, used and collectable musical instruments and accessories. Visitors can look at, try, exchange, sell, and buy the instruments on show.

The ticket includes free access to the live stage areas, where non-stop top-quality performances, demos and workshops take place, featuring artists, pros, teachers, instrument makers and builders.

The ticket can be bought online after November 1 or directly at the entrance and allows you to stay for the full day and participate in all the events in the programme. Children up to 12 years (i.e. under 13) enter free of charge by showing a document proving their age.

The ticket also gives the right to bring in up to two instruments (provided that the visitor can carry them without mechanical aid or means) that may be exhibited in the spaces available to private individuals, for sale or exchange.

There are places for relaxation to get together with friends and chill out, to play something together and swap impressions. The bar-restaurant dedicated to the event offers meals, sandwiches and drinks at a special price for visitors.

The organization has no liability for nor interest in the materials presented by the exhibitors. An on-site ATM cash machine is not available; however, many exhibitors have POS terminals for payment.

Dates and Times

Saturday 24 November from 12 AM to 7 pm
Sunday 25 November from 10 AM to 6 pm

How to get there

Via G.B. Piranesi, 10
20137 Milano

A few minutes drive from the center
city and Linate airport

Passante Ferroviario
Porta Vittoria
tangenziale Est exit
viale Forlanini

From Piazza Duomo
Tram 27 for 20 minutes
(viale Campania-viale Corsica)
From San Babila
Bus 73 for 20 minutes
(viale Campania-viale Corsica)
From Linate

Bus 73 for 30 minutes
(viale Campania-viale Corsica)
Passante railway
(Porta Vittoria)

From Porta Garibaldi M2
(for 4 stops)

From the Republic of M3
(for 3 stops)

From Porta Venezia M1
(for 2 stops);
suburban lines S1-S2-S5-S6-S13
a train every 5 minutes


Parking nearby
Viale Corsica 21

BikeMi parking nearby
Piazza Emilia and via Cadore

EqSharing parking spaces
Porta Vittoria / Anfossi

Refreshment Areas

Within the event venue are two large refreshment areas, ready to offer an abundant selection of sandwiches, hot and cold dishes and drinks at reasonable prices. In addition, there is some “street food” available in an outdoor space adjacent to the pavilions, with a choice of regional specialities and a wide range of quality craft beers.