Exhibition Fees

Ground Zero

The central pavilion at the entrance of the fair. Over 10,000 square feet of exposure on one level. The ideal solution for companies that prefer an institutional, image, impacting presence.

Prestige Solutions

Stand set up with or without bottom walls, aluminum trusses stand fittings up to 2.50 m, carpet, desk (table), LED headlights, power connection. Includes 4/6/8 pass exhibitor, parking pass, double advertising page on the catalog and hospitality on Saturday night at the hotel (1 or 2 double rooms in relation to the exhibition solution at the Admiral Hotel adjacent to the agreement. Only for bookings confirmed by 20/06/2017.).

Stand 8×8

64 sqm

€ 4.800

Stand 4×8

32 sqm

€ 3.800

Stand 4×4

16 sqm

€ 2.400

Prestige 1

Prestige 2

Style Solutions

Stand set up with bottom walls, carpet, desk (table), LED light, power connection. Includes 3/4 pass exhibitor, parking pass, an advertisement page on the catalog.

Stand 4×8

32 sqm

€ 2.200

Stand 4×4

16 sqm

€ 1.100


Easy Solutions

The pure surface is delimited by tables of approximately 200×60 cm and chairs, power connection. Includes 3/4/5 pass exhibitor, parking pass, an advertisement page on the catalog.

Isola 1

about 36 sqm

€ 2.100

Isola 2

about 24 sqm

€ 1.300

Isola 3

about 16 sqm

€ 850


The soul of the most classic SHG market display in the -1 level level pavilion recently completely renewed. Access to escalators, staircases and elevators from Ground Zero for over 5,000 square meters of exposure. The ideal solution for companies wishing to try their instruments in the special atmosphere that has been characterized the event for 25 years.

Dedicated Area with tables

Exposure solutions are set up with tables and chairs, 2/3/4 display passes, parking passes, presence on the catalog. Places of this type are limited, book now! The layout in the halls will be defined in September in order of reservation based on the exhibitors’ preferences.

1 table solution

about 6 sqm

€ 300

2 tables solution

about 10 sqm

€ 500

3 tables solution

about 14 sqm

€ 700

Exclusive Rooms

The rooms are set up with tables and chairs, 4 pass exhibitors (on request for large rooms), parking pass, 1 page on the catalog.

50 sqm rooms

€ 1.200

120-130 sqm rooms

On request

Guest Companies

Companies hosted by an exhibitor who does not have an official distributor must pay a registration fee of € 150 including a pass exhibitor, parking pass, presence on the catalog.

Additional Info

Custom solutions available on request.

Prices are for two days, excluding VAT.

For the presence on the catalog pages pages, the executable files must be provided. Creative services and graphic adaptations can be requested to the ACCORDO’s graphic staff and will be listed separately.