Exhibition Fees

Rooms and Separate Areas

The ideal solution for companies that prefer an institutional, image, impacting presence. Rooms are available for individual exhibitors or shared, on a quote.

Pre-arranged Stands

Stand set up with side and bottom walls, carpet, table, chairs, LED light, connection. Includes exhibitor pass, an advertising page on the catalog.

Stand 4×4

16 sqm

3 exhibitor pass

€ 1.300

Stand 4×8

32 sqm

6 exhibitor pass

€ 2.500

Custom Stand

Price on a quote

Island Stands

The pure surface bounded by 200 × 60 cm tables and chairs, connection. Includes exhibitor pass, an advertising page on the catalog.

16 sqm Island

7 Tables

3 exhibitor pass

€ 960

24 sqm Island

9 Tables

3 exhibitor pass

€ 1.320

35 sqm Island

11 Tables

4 exhibitor pass

€ 1.800

Basic Solutions

Prepared with 200×60 tables and chairs, exhibitor pass, presence on the catalog. Places of this type are limited, book now!

1 Table Solution

about 6 sqm

2 exhibitor pass

€ 300

2 Tables Solution

about 10 sqm

3 exhibitor pass

€ 500

Rules for exhibitor passes

Exhibitors must wear the pass for the entire duration of the event. Damaged or open passes will be replaced at the cost of € 50 + VAT or € 25 + VAT by delivering the damaged pass.

Exhibitors can order additional passes more than those provided by the chosen solution at the cost of € 25 + VAT each. Extra passes can be requested when booking the space or later, writing to info@accordoshow.it by Friday, November 16, 2018.

Exhibitors can apply for accreditation exclusively for performing artists by sending the list of names to info@accordoshow.it by Friday, November 16, 2018.

For administrative, liability and security reasons, no extra passes or free tickets will be provided during the setup and opening days. Exhibitors  can order packages of tickets for their guests at special prices: n. 10 tickets € 80 + VAT – n. 20 tickets € 150 + VAT.